Casting the future and
taking on the world with
innovative technology

At Sapporo Kokyu Imono, we handle over 300 types of special steel, enabling us to produce castings that can withstand any environment.
This is the result of 74 years of "casting production" based on our five management principles and is the reason why we can continue to grow.

Our employees are our greatest asset

We consider our highly motivated and ambitious employees as our greatest management asset. We believe that continuous development of human resources is the greatest strategy for corporate growth.

We provide the highest quality products and services

We are committed to providing high-quality special steel casting products that meet the needs of our customers, along with thorough services.

We promote a continuous and all-encompassing improvement program that involves everyone in the company.

We strive for continuous improvement through the active participation of all employees in order to achieve competitive quality, price, and delivery for our customers, as well as a fulfilling workplace and improved welfare for our employees.

Be good corporate citizen

We strive to have a social awareness as a company and aspires to be a good corporate citizen in the general society.

Aim to be the best and most innovative casting factory in Japan

We aim to become the most innovative casting factory in Japan, constantly striving for improvement and aiming to become a company that Hokkaido can be proud of, while always being aware of the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen in society.

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Our past and our future "Our company was founded in April 1949 with the determination of the first president, Yasushi Okuda, who was an engineer for the Hokkaido Government, to provide excellent castings that would contribute to the industrial development of Hokkaido. Since then, we have consistently strived to provide high-quality products from the perspective of our customers.
Currently, we supply over 800 types of castings, mainly made of stainless steel, heat-resistant cast steel, and wear-resistant cast steel, to about 130 customers throughout Japan. In 2015, we updated our VRH casting/VRH molding equipment to alkaline phenolic molding equipment, and in 2017, we updated our ISO 9001 certification to ISO 9001:2015, continuing to enhance our system for further improvement of product quality.
With the casting-making technology accumulated over more than 70 years of history and the ability to respond to the needs of the new era, we aim to become a casting factory that can deliver to the world from Hokkaido."
Sapporo Kokyu Imono, Co. Ltd President, Chief ExecutiveYuri Okuda


  • Director, General AffairsKaoru Mitamura
  • Director, FactoryHiroki Omura
  • Director, ReformMiran Okuda


74 years of HERITAGE

  • April 1949

    Created Sapporo Kokyu Imono Casting Factory in Kikusui, Sapporo.

  • August 1953

    Changed company name to "Sapporo Kokyu Imono, Co. Ltd."

  • September 1964

    Opened new factory in current location.

  • July 1970

    Created Sapporo Kokyu Imono Casting Factory in Kikusui, Sapporo.

  • November 1993

    Construction of Fettling machine, and installed heat treating furnace.

  • June 1996

    Completed new steel production plant.

  • January 2000

    Received ISO9002-1994 accreditation.

  • November 2001

    Created VRH Factory.

  • November 2002

    Received ISO9002-2000 accreditation.

  • April 2007

    Installed new production management system.

  • September 2009

    Selected into top 300 manufacturing companies of Japan.

  • November 2013

    Installed portable X-ray machine and ultrasonic sound testing machine

  • November 2014

    Installed pattern rapid prototyping machine

  • August 2015

    Changed VRH molding process to Alkaline Phenolic molding.

  • June 2017

    Received ISO9002-2015 accreditation.


Sapporo Kokyu Imono, Co. Ltd.
Location 13-12-2-1 Hassamu, Nishi, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Telephone number (+81)011-661-3333
FAX (+81)011-661-3292
Founded President, Chief Executive Yuri Okuda
Incorporated Founding : April 8th 1949
Established : August 14th 1953
Capital 80 million Yen
Employees 55 (As of April 1st 2023)
Production capacity 70 tonnes (monthly)
Total factory area 8,439㎡
Accreditation ISO9001-2015