• Stainless cast steel

    Our products are resistant to corrosive environments such as strong acids and strong alkalis.
    With our extensive experience in casting, we are capable of manufacturing products in various 3D shapes.
    Additionally, we are also capable of manufacturing products with dual-phase and precipitation-hardening alloys.

    Products 特殊鋼鋼材(マルテンサイト系、オーステナイト系、2相系、析出硬化系)
    Main uses
    • Pump parts (casing, impeller, cover, plate, etc.)
    • Valve parts (body, cover, valve, etc.)
    • Water treatment parts (upper water treatment related, sewage treatment related, etc.)
    • Water gate parts (sieve, roller, etc.)
    • Parts for paper manufacturing plants (conveyor, screen, pump, boiler, etc.)
    • Parts for sugar manufacturing plants (die plate, pump, etc.)
    • Parts for centrifugal separators

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  • Heat resistant

    Our products are capable of withstanding environments exceeding 1000℃.
    We select the optimal materials based on required strength at high temperatures, and are capable of manufacturing products that can withstand high-temperature corrosion caused by chlorine, sulfur, and other factors.

    Products Special steel materials (ferritic, austenitic, high-alloy)
    Main uses
    • Parts for incinerators (stoker furnaces/rotary kiln furnaces/fluidized bed furnaces)
    • Boiler combustion parts (burner parts/supporting hardware)
    • Equipment parts for cement plants (AQC parts/refractory metal fittings/preheaters)
    • Parts for petroleum refining equipment (tube sheets/tube support hardware)
    • Heating furnace parts for electric furnaces/blast furnaces/
    • Industrial furnace parts (furnace transport parts)
    • Various heat treatment fixtures (trays/pierces)

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  • 耐摩耗鋳鋼

    We also address tribology problems such as erosion and wear. We propose surface modification materials such as thermal spraying and buildup to address various wear problems.
    In addition, we can manufacture products with hard materials with HV 800 or more or products with excellent toughness.

    Products Special Steel Materials (High Cr cast steel, High Cr cast iron, High Mn cast steel)
    Main uses
    • Pump parts (slurry pumps, dredging pumps, concrete pumps)
    • Equipment parts for thermal power plants (ash handling parts, coal crushers, pulverizer mill parts)
    • Equipment parts for paper mills (disintegrator parts, conveying parts)
    • Dust collector parts, kneading machine parts/
    • Guide rollers for rolling mills, general industrial parts/
    • Crusher parts (hammers, grates, liners)

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  • Production capacity

    We have established a production system that can meet the needs of various customers, from small to large items, and from small to large lot sizes. Please feel free to contact us for products that exceed the capacities listed below.

    Max. production capacity

    Height 1,000mm
    Length 2,000mm
    Frames 600mm x 800mm x 1,500mm
    Max. weight 800kg


  • Wood pattern factory Our on-site pattern-making factory with model machining equipment can handle patterns and resins up to a size of 1000x1000.
  • Alkaline Phenolic Molding factory This is a molding facility that solidifies sand by kneading an alkaline resin and hardener into artificial sand.
    Furan molding is also operated simultaneously, and it can handle various product shapes. Sand used is recycled using a sand reclamation system
  • High frequency induction furnace This equipment utilizes electromagnetic induction to efficiently and rapidly dissolve metals.
    It uses electric heating to dissolve, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and environmental considerations.
  • Optical emission spectrometer This is an instrument used to analyze the chemical composition of products.
    By irradiating metals with light and measuring the wavelength and emission intensity of the element, the type and content of the element can be determined.
    It is also capable of analyzing special elements such as tungsten (W) and cobalt (Co).

Facilities and equpiment

Melting High frequency induction furnace 1t 2 units
0.5t 2 units
Heat treatment LPG furnace Maximum temperature: 1,200℃
Maximum weight: 4 tons capacity
Maximum volume: 2,300W×1,600D×1,000H
Water tank volume: 2,000W×1,500D×1,200H
1 unit
Electric furnace (trolley) Maximum temperature: 1,200℃
Maximum weight: 2-ton capacity
Maximum volume: 1,500W×1,000D×600H
1 unit
Electric furnace (top cover) Maximum temperature: 1,100℃
Maximum weight: 0.5 ton capacity
Maximum volume: 700W×700D×700H
1 unit
Furan molding Automatic mixing equipment for organic self-hardening sand 1 set 1 unit
Regenerating equipment for organic self-hardening sand 1 set 1 unit
Alkaline Phenolic molding Alkaline phenolic sand mixing equipment 1 set 1 unit
Alkaline phenolic sand regeneration equipment 1 set 1 unit
Fettling Shot blast Turntable 1 unit
Tumbler 1 unit
Acid washing equipment 1 unit
Quality control and testing Emission spectrometer 1 unit
Metal microscope 1 unit
Durometer HS.HB.HR 1 unit
3D CAD 1 unit
Casting simulation software 1 unit
Tensile testing machine 1 unit
Microscope 1 unit
Non-destructive testing equipment MT.UT.RT 1 unit
Wood pattern Rapid prototyping machine for Pattern 2 units
Others Dust collector Inverter control
100㎥: 1 unit
500㎥: 2 unit
630㎥: 1 unit
4 units
Compressor Inverter control 4 units