• Stainless cast steel

    • Ferritic-martensitic stainless steel

      Type of stainless cast steel that has high hardness

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCS1 CA15
      SCS2 (CA40)
      SCS3 (CA15M)
      SCS6 CA6NM
    • Austenitic stainless steel

      Commonly used material in stainless steel casting, and is used for pump parts and other components.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCS12 CF20
      SCS13 CF8
      SCS14 CF8M
      SCS16 CF3M
    • Duplex structure stainless steel

      Has a two-phase microstructure and excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCS10 -
      SCS11 -
      - CG8M
      - A890 Gr.5A
    • Precipitation hardening stainless steel

      Exhibits high strength and wear resistance

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCS24 CB7Cu-1
      - V, Nb alloys
      - Cu alloys
      - -
  • Heat-resistant cast steel

    • The ferritic-martensitic stainless steel

      Has excellent oxidation resistance and can withstand sulfide corrosion.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCH1 -
      SCH2 (HC)
      SCH11 HC
      - -
    • Austenitic stainless steel

      Has high-temperature strength and excellent oxidation resistance.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCH13 HH
      SCH17 HE
      SCH22 HK40
      SCH33 Inconel 519
    • High alloy stainless steel

      Used in various high-temperature environments.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCH43 50Cr-50Ni-Nb
      - SUPER22H
      - MORE-1B
      - Co alloys
  • Wear-resistant cast steel

    • High-Cr cast steel

      Has a wide range of hardness through heat treatment.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      - 18Cr cast steel
      - 20Cr cast steel
      - 25Cr cast steel
      - -
    • High Cr cast iron

      Wear-resistant material for various machine parts and piping components.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      - 20CrFC
      - 27CrFC
      - Tungsten alloy cast iron
      - Ni-Hard cast iron
    • High Mn cast steel

      Has excellent impact resistance and wear resistance.

      JIS ASTM/Others
      SCMnH2 -
      SCMnH11 -
      SCMnH21 -
      - 20Mn


"Special steel" is a general term for metals that have various characteristics such as heat resistance, hardness, rust resistance, toughness, and resistance to friction and wear, and are used for various applications and environments in the manufacturing of metal parts.

  • Corrosion resistant


    • Impeller
    • Casing
    • Vane
    • Valves
    • Show parts
    • Pumps
    • Pit liner
    • Nuclear energy related
    • Chemical plant
    • Acid-resistant pump parts
    • Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts
    • Slurry pump parts
    • Various pump parts for chemical equipment
    • Parts for paper manufacturing plants
  • Heat resistant


    • Combustion gas cooling equipment parts
    • Burner parts
    • Fire grate
    • Heat treatment tray
    • Furnace bottom plate
    • Furnace rail
    • Gas carburizing tray
    • Retort
    • Coffin plate
    • Kiln hardware parts
    • Radiant tube
    • Tube sheet
    • Support
    • Diffuser
    • Heating and equalizing zone skid button
  • Wear resistant


    • Incinerator fire grate
    • Heat treatment fixture
    • Shot blast
    • Pump parts
    • Dust collector parts.
    • Erosion-resistant piping parts
    • Mill parts
    • Skid rail
    • Air nozzle
    • Installation blade parts
    • Crusher parts